ANISE the new solo name of eletronica artist Carly Dickenson. A bit Massive Attack, a bit Hybrid, with a touch of Everything But the Girl, and Boards of Canada.

Her new single “All I Want” was released in Nov 2012 at the Lady Electronica event at the Judith Wright Centre – NOV (9 & 10). This single represents a shift in the ANISE sound to a hybrid of progressive/ambient breaks and dubstep.

ANISE is a Queensland Music Award nominated artist and is one of the founding members of the Lady Electronica collective who are undertaking collaborations and mentoring from Through this Wally DeBacker (Gotye – ARIA Award Winner), Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator – ARIA Award Winner), and Scott Horscroft (award winner – producer Presets, Sleepy Jacksons, Silver Chair).

“’s the painful, emotive, Jewel-esque lyrics with Dickenson’s incredible, pure voice that captivates.” CASSANDRA PAYCA – Press Records

“Dickenson’s strong voice, slow-burn textures and trip-hop groves [are] at the heart of great songs like Relapse and Landlocked.” NOEL MENGEL – Courier Mail

“Dickenson’s smooth vocals glide over the beat, bringing back sweet memories on a nostalgic ride….. When you listen to this EP [Still Life], turn off all the lights, find a comfortable place to lie down, close your eyes and let Carly and her dreamy electro backing take you on a journey. SAM CUEVAS – Dearhead Press.